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Money Investment or Gold Investment?

                Sometimes the best thing to do in order for us to have a brighter and affluent future is to invest whatever we have whether if it is time, love, money, gold and many tangible and intangibles things. There were times that we are not really in condition or in mood to have a moment to spend some of our time in investing but do you know that investing is a great attribute for a person, it is where you can see how thrifty and concern he is for the coming life of tomorrow.

                Money investment is very important, many people are doing this. They choose to invest money than any other things because nowadays money is the number one worldly pleasure of human beings and money is where lives are depending right now. It is good to invest money but if you have gold hidden in your backyard or anywhere in your house don’t hesitate to invest it, you can gain more if you invest your gold than your money. Gold is more valuable than money, even though they use gold as the money of the ancient people; gold is still one of the most precious metals in this generation. Money can be found anywhere as long as you have the willingness to do your utmost effort so that you will earn money, gold is everywhere also, and our ancestors hid their gold under the ground to make it safe and secure.   

See, how important gold it is, it is very valuable but you need also extra effort to find for gold that’s why there are mining companies nowadays and some associations that supports mining and quarrying. Maybe some of you are thinking that gold is really important but how about those people who lack gold? That’s why to those people who don’t have gold, they are free to invest money. It is not to force them to invest gold if they have money at the moment they need to invest some and if time comes that they will have some gold it is better to invest that to conceal and keep it at home. Because of the big change in the lifestyle and practices of humanities investing has been a hard thing for us to do, selfishness and greediness has been working on us, sometimes we forgot to set some part of our effort and time for our future endeavors and sometimes we forgot the value of money and gold, we forgot how tough it is to find for it.

                Investment of money and gold are both important, you can earn more on both of them but gold are have a higher value than money and it may rise up as time passes. You will be able to hide it for a long time and by not doing anything at all, you will be able get the investment you had and more from it. Appraisal rates on gold though change but certainly it goes up as time passes. But it is always up to you on what you think is best. Because at the end of the day, it is your investment and future not ours.